All Orders Welcome!
Services include color and blacklines with an infinite number of shades of gray from originals, copies and/or files e-mailed to us. We output from PDF, PLT, TIF & DWF files. We also output from some DWG and DXF files for an additional fee. Please set up your CAD system to plot to the KIP 8000 or HP designjet 750 for blacklines or the HP DesignJET 800PS (42") for color copies. A link to the KIP drivers and the HP drivers is at the bottom of this page. We can make up to a 36" wide blackline or a 42" color copy. Our machines are set for lengths up to 15 feet. Please contact us for a longer size.
Please include quantity of copies, time needed and a contact name with the telephone number on all e-mailed requests.
For storage solutions and for your ease of sharing files with customers, we can convert files and scanned drawings to PDF, TIF, PCX or JPG formats, saving them to a CD, USB drive or emailed. Pick up and delivery service is available for accounts within several miles of our shop.
We will be happy to ship to you anywhere UPS or FedEX delivers. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. Charge accounts are available pending credit approval.
Please call for more details.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download the IRS W-9 form for backup witholding information.